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Grandpa's Goody Getter

Frequently Asked Questions

"SPECIAL NOTE" Dennis Bacon is running all aspects of this business. There is a phone number on the assembly instructions where you can talk to his father and creator of the Grandpas Goody Getter Basil Bacon if you should need to talk with someone and can't make the contact through email.

Q. Do you take credit/debit cards?

A. We do take credit card and all charges are processed through PayPal. With all the unlawful problems on the web we do not want to be responsible for your credit card. PayPal protects both of us and is the safest way to purchase anything on line. You can send us a check and we will ship the GGG when the check clears.

Q. Why is the freight so high on the GGG?

A. Because it made of solid steel and weighs almost 12 pounds. There are no light weight casts or plastic materials.

Q. What is your return policy?

A. We accept return for (30) thirty days after receipt. Customer will pay return freight. All the newer models for the last three years are improved, totally trouble free and have not had a single one returned.

Q. How do you ship?

A. We ship everything possible on U.P.S. and must have street address (no P O box numbers) This is the cheapest and fastest way. We can ship on USPS if necessary.

Q. How long does shipping take?

A. We normally ship the same day we get the order and expect it to take 2 or 3 working days. some areas a little longer.

Q. How do I order replacement parts?

A. Contact us at www.grandpasgoodygetter.com and we will ship immediately. Our warranty is for two years but we have never charged anyone for a part in the eleven years we have been in business. "you couldn't possibly wear one out and it is extremely rare to have a defective or broken part".

Q. What do I do if I have a problem?

A. First watch the maintenance videos on (click this) Videos this should answer any problem you will ever have. If not then contact us on the web site and Any problem will be immediately taken care of.


To date this is a list of issues we have had in the last 11 years and over 4,000 Grandpas Goody Getters sold.

Heads popped 4 rams where weld did not penetrate.

5 broken springs.

The first 2,000 made had a 3/8 diameter handle which was sufficient if properly greased but if not it could bend and sometimes break. I replace about 8 or 10 a year and have never charged anyone for one and don't have any plans to. Anything bought in the last three years has a larger handle and will never bend.

Our only common issues will be:

#1 Slipping and wont crack the nut. If this happens the slide bar has gotten something on and it is slick and won't hold the bottom ram in place. See maintenance video.(click this) Videos

#2 Hard to crack nuts. Simple---Grease the cam---.

Biggest problem we have is not greasing the cam often enough. When they are new they seem to just eat grease. After a few hours of use you can back off when it gets broke in the cam sort of absorbs grease but still need to be done regularly. Also it can be just hard nuts, but soaking will always make a huge difference. There are over 30 different varieties of black walnuts. some thin shell and some very thick. Watch the nut preparation video. I always wrap my fingers around the nut to crack them and never had any hurt my hand until this year. These are excellent nuts. Large and full of very good nutmeats but hard as a rock. I have soaked them for six days and not there yet but I will win.