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Grandpa's Goody Getter


1) The slide bar keeps dropping down under bolt it slides on.

Answer: Sorry to see that your product have a problem. It is fixed solution for you. You need to download a pdf letter to explain how to fix and insert. Download the PDF

2) Missing Instructions?

Answer: Sorry that you did not get it. You need to download a instruction letter to explain.

Assembly - Download the Maintenance Instruction

Preparation - Download the Preparation Instruction

3) Shears broke.

Answer: Email me. and I will send one at no charge.

4) You have the broken springs from your nut cracker.

Answer: Email me. and I will send one at no charge.

5) However with hickory nuts I find that my hickory nuts must be to small as there is not enough movement to crack them unless I'm doing something wrong. Any advise would be appreciated!

Answer: The rams that are installed are best for black walnuts and will crack any nut large enough. For the small ones put in the small nut ram on the bottom. (it is a straight square shaft about 4 and1/2 inches long) this will crack any small nut down to a hazel nut. If you have a large number of medium size hickory or pecans you might want to try changing to the other designed rams to crack them. They are not as deep and will do a great job. A little bit of work to change with removing and replacing the springs. it is not difficult and just watch our maintenance video for instructions. When changing the bottom ram be sure the rounded sides are put in front to back.

6) what grease and oil I need to us on it?

Answer: you can buy a heavy duty grease from Menard or Home Depot or Lowes. You will need to buy a small cutting oil bottle for cam holes only. Please read instruction and Videos from our website.