Grandpa's Goody Getter

Temporarily OUT OF STOCK

We have about 80 products left without new improved rams. We expect to recieve the rams after Thanksgiving. We will insert the new improved rams in the products, then we will ship them out. If you give us an order now we will take the necessary information now and not process it but hold it until the parts arrives we will allow you to purchase it at the price of $69.99 plus $19 flat shipping fee.


Since we have not had a single return in three years because someone did not like the machine we are so confident you will love the Goody Getter now we are offering 30 Days Return Priveledge and we will refund your purchase price and the freight you paid to get it there.

NOW $69.99

Shears - $5.99

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All STEEL construction, made to last a LIFETIME.